confused about med surg or hospice

  1. hi, im currently in a big dilemma between doing med surg
    and hospice. i was offered a job at this well-known
    hospital in LA. good pay, great benefits but hell it's
    med surg all over again. ive been an RN for 3yrs now, doing
    mostly medsurg/tele/psych and i wanted a non bedside
    job.. the hospice job offered to me was like a director
    so basically its an office job, 9-5pm mon-fri. no weekends
    no holidays. pretty cool. but at the same time i dont want
    to miss the opportunity working for such a well known
    hospital. any advice please! thanks! btw, i dont have
    any background in hospice nursing so i really dont know
    if there's like a career growth if i decided to take that job.
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  3. by   classicdame
    hospice agencies tend to be much smaller than hospitals, so chances of growth and advancement may be smaller as well. But if you HATE hospital work, then avoid it. You are not making a decision that affects the rest of your life, just the immediate future. If you make the "wrong" decision you just start over. Life is full of start overs.
  4. by   jfj0710
    thanks for the advice. im just really tired of med surg.
    what specialty are u in? any suggestions?
  5. by   dream'n
    I'd take the hospice job. Worked for a "prestigious" medical institution previously and it hasn't made a big difference in any of my jobs after leaving. Pretty much it's the "same old, same old" everywhere. "Prestigious" just has a better PR department.