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I am taking the ANCC Generalist Board Certification Exam for Med/Surg RN's on October 3...has anybody out there done this already? Do you have any suggestions, tips, survival techniques??? I've... Read More

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    Ii am planning on taking the exam in Feb. and am using the NCLEX 4000 only the MED/Surg questions. I feel like I don't know anything. I will continue to take exams with the software and hope for the best. If I pass the exam the hospital I work for will pay for it they also paid for me to take a seminar which was very helpful. Wish me luck. Which is the best AMSN or ANCC?

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    I don't think it matters does it? Isn't it just personal preference unless your facility doesn't accept one of them? I have heard rumors of this, but not sure if it is really true.

    I'm taking the AMSN in 4 weeks..ACK!
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    Any new test takers out there? How did you do? I'm taking mine in less than 3 weeks and feel like everything I know isn't enough.

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