10 days: No news after job shadowing, will I get the job? 10 days: No news after job shadowing, will I get the job? | allnurses

10 days: No news after job shadowing, will I get the job?

  1. 0 I am a new grad. Recently applied for a nurse residency program at a hospital 4 hrs away.Got the phone interview. I was scheduled a face to face interview with the unit manager and the 2nd recruiter. Before the face to face interview, they had me do a personality test and three references. I met the unit manager. She offer me a job shadow for 4 hours before meeting the 2nd recruiter. 2nd recruiter told me all the details about the pay and benefit package. I was told decision would be made about hiring or not within 3-5 days after the job shadow. I went home, did 2 test madules and submitted documents for the job shadow. Then I did the job shadow. It seemed everything went well. I sent thank you cards to the recruiters, unit manager and the nurse I shadow within 24 hrs after each event. Now it has been 10 days (including weekends), no news. I just emailed the main recruiter, he told me he is still trying to contact the unit manager. He has no news for me yet. What does it mean. It does not sound like they want me after having me getting so involved. I don't know what to do. I really want the job. I dont know whether I should move on or not.Thank you so much for your time.
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    As long as they haven't filled the position yet, I would say you're still in the running. Sometimes there are delays and estimated time frames for follow up/decisions, etc. don't fall as planned. I would hang in there and politely keep in touch if you are still interested. Good luck!
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    Thank you, Kona2.
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    Did you get the job?