RCM/MDS other job duties

  1. Would love to hear from other RCM's that do MDS's in LTC. Want to know what all your other duties are besides the MDS's. There are some that are different and sometimes the RCM gets to do alot of the DNS job duties.....just curious what yours are?
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  3. by   LolaKabob
    I wonder if there is a character limit on this site as I may quickly meet it listing my duties! I am an LVN MDS Coordinator in a 36 bed skilled facility. We run an average of 6 medicares at any given time. I am also the DSD, Assistant Administrator, Assistant DON, and have recently picked up some of the tasks of the Business Office Manager. Here are my list of Duties...

    Business office duties on Tuesday/Thursday

    Over see office manager

    Create and maintain face sheets for all residents

    Assist in maintaining petty cash records

    Schedules for CNA

    Replace call-offs

    Maintain accurate/organized records of call-offs and switch requests

    Orientate new hires

    Create business and health files for all staff

    Ensure licenses are current (RN, LVN, CNA)

    Provide state mandated in-services year round

    Provide PRN in-services as problems arise

    Interview potential new hires

    Place ads on Craig’s List for job openings in all departments

    Visit potential new patients in acute facilities

    Coordinate in house physicals for employees

    Maintain in-service records

    Discipline staff

    Address concerns of residents/residents families

    Create documents needed by nursing staff ie B&B records, RNA sched., ect.

    Obtain and send info to corporate for TARs

    Notify families of Medicare denial

    Assist/direct SSD

    Assist medical records in obtaining information needed after audits are complete ie. ADL

    Assist in developing policies and procedures for nursing staff

    Create needed job descriptions

    Lead safety committee

    Initiate and follow up on work comp claims

    Participate in infection control committee and develop interventions to resolve problems

    Assist in meeting the needs of maintenance/house keeping department PRN

    Address clinical concerns PRN

    Assist DON in admission process

    Maintain Medicare ‘A’ records

    Create weekly schedules for department heads for upcoming MDSs

    Inform families of upcoming care conference