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Hey guys, I just started at a new facility, I have a question about how a managed care assessment in put into your system...for the past any skilled managed care resident, just rec'd an admission assessment then... Read More

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    ibtootie, you are correct. MDS completed for residents in certified beds require A0410=3. In Texas, residents in non-certified beds require A0410=2.
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    Wouldn't it be simpler if the software programs simply offered a selection option for a Managed care assessment? I doubt the Managed Care companies will ever be going away and will become more common in the upcoming years, so it would be nice to have a less obscure method to use in order to stay compliant.
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    I know that at least one software product DOES allow you to distinguish non-Part A PPS-like assessments, but I'm afraid I don't remember which one. If you happen to be on the market for software, ask about this.