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  1. First post. I have been doing MDS RAPS & CARE PLANS since OBRA went thru. I just can't keep on doing them, I guess I am crispy when it comes to this position. I have been trying to train a new nurse on how to do this job, & I am failing. Problems at this point are. 1. She has never worked LTC, Only in hospitals & Home health. 2. She is a BSN, I'm an LPN. 3. She is not getting how the MDS >>RAPS>>CARE PLAN Flow. I have tried to explain to her not to delete previous info on the care plans, just update with the new (So the state does see that we are using the care plans & tracking progress of where on resident was & where they are now). Anyone have any simple ways to go about this training? She did go to a 3 day workshop on MDS, but said they did not touch on the RAP to care plan process. Just how to fill out the form. I had her log on to CMS for the tutorial (which I wish they had a long time ago), & this didn't help either. My Admin. & DON are becoming impatient with her (& probably with me as well). I want to go on with my new position & get away from the MDS, but I want the job done right as well. Any suggestions? TY 123becky
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