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Advice please! I have been offered a position as an MDS Coordinator for 50 bed LTC facility. Perfect size for me since I have no experience. Will receive at least 2 weeks training + opportunity to shadow MDS nurse in another... Read More

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    At our facility, we have to be certified for MDS, which involved a 3 day course and two exams taken within 3 months of the course, with a result of 85 percent. Each year, we are expected to re-certify MDS yearly. The data users enter is used to determine funding and staffing levels for LTC's, so users are expected to be competent. I would ask your facility what they're plan is for this training because it's crucial that you understand what you're doing with MDS. Also, I would recommend that you spend at least a month on the floor first, so you can start to learn the residents. Regardless of what your superiors may say, you can't code accurately if you don't know the residents and their plan of care. Just my thoughts.

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    They're should read their. Sorry...typo. I'm tired.
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    Joanna73 - thanks for your input. I start next week so I guess I will find out soon enough how much they expect of me. I agree with you that it is important to know the residents well. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out... But for now, back for some more RAI MDS 3.0 reading!
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    Good luck with the job. Aside from your reading, I hope the management will put you in the MDS course. That would help.
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    Don't do it!! I have been MDS for 17 years I'm ready to go back to floor

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