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Who will hire RN in Recovery?

  1. 0 Hello Nurses,
    I am new to the forum, have a question.
    I am a Massachuttes RN with 25+ years of experience in fields ranging from VNA to ICUs. Most recently I have worked in medical research.
    In 2002 I surrendered my license for drug diversion/ use. Since that time I have been in recovery, an active 12-step member, finished over 3 years of random toxicology screening. I had my license reinstated with probation. The probation states that I need to work in an RN position for one year where my manager is willing to be a reporting supervisor to the Board, send in quarterly checklist reports.
    I have send out 100's of resumes/ applications. have been offered jobs only to have them recinded by the HR department because of the probation. As stated above I need a supervisor to the Board, also I am not allowed to work in home care or for a nursing agancy. I am able to work in all other aspects of nursing, am able to dispense all medications to include controlled substances.
    I am looking for an employer who is willing to hire me with my probation, so that I may re-enter the career of my choice and love.
    I believe that I am a very good RN, am smart, willing and flexible. I am willing to go to length, am willing to work anywhere in MA.
    Any thoughts, suggestions.
    Thank you,
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    Congrats on your hard work in your program for so long, I know that isn't easy.

    Have you thought about trying to apply for government jobs? I do not think that they are as nice, they generally don't pay as well, but I think that they are a little more open to situations like yours.
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    Thank you vegastar.
    Yes I have looked into government/VA jobs. They will not hire an RN with any restriction on her/his license. I know there is a position somewhere for me. Will keep looking. If you have other thoughts please pass them along.
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    I have actually never been in this situation, and I feel terrible for you. Could you work in a chemical dependancy unit? It seems to me that you would have experience that would be especially helpful for people that are in recovery.

    At the same time, I am sure that you have already thought about this.
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    Yes I have tried/ will continue to try to find a position in recovery nursing.
    Thank you again for your suggestion(s)!
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    Hi Mark, any updates you care to share with us? I am a relatively new nurse (I only worked for 2 years) and brand new to recovery.....I lost my job and am so afraid I will never be allowed to work again!
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    Well I don't know about your situation in particular and how its viewed. But I just entered the Healthcare job market and was in kind of a similar situation when I went on a 4 month drinking binge. I walked in the office after that time and not calling in after the "I've got a stomach ulcer " excuse was getting old. I went to detox and entered a recovery program and showed them I was serious about staying sober and my boss took me back. However he had a brother with the same problem and it killed him so he understood!

    Now I just finished with my CNA and am looking for a job in a hospital with no luck see my recent post on this site! Any answers for my question. My suggestion I guess is to explain your situation up front take the offensive and hope they understand. One thing I have found out with my addiction is that many have a simlar addication, know someone that does, or they have an addiction but do not want to face it.

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