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hey everyone :) I see no threads on those who applied to Umass boston traditional bsn program for spring 2013 so i wanted to start this one. Has anyone applied to the program? Im sure i cant be the only one lol. I got a letter... Read More

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    Hey everyone!

    I applied as a transfer nursing student for the fall 2013 semester and I got my acceptance letter yesterday!! I have a 3.4 GPA and got a 90 on the TEAS. Umass told me at open house that they mainly take students who have 3.5 GPA's and above, but that obviously isn't definite since I got in. Good luck to all of you!!

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    I applied as a transfer student. Gpa is 3.61 and Teas score was 86.7% overall. Science: 77.1%, math: 96.1% Congratulations everyone!
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    I am starting the BSN (trad) in the fall. I had a 3.5, a TEAS score in the 80s (overall score--not averaged against national or school averages), and had a strong recommendation letter from the director of a phd program at a major state school, out west. My school history is spotty. I've attended 5 colleges, have a number of withdrawals and a million credits with no degree. I think my letter and my essay got me in. Definatly shine in your essay. Don't write about anything boring or just list your achievements. I've been told that administrators literally just read the first 3 sentences and toss the boring/typical ones out, at that point. You need to be creative to keep their attention. They have thousands to read, each year. Hope to run I to a few of you, in a few months!!!!
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    I chose to not attend UMB because I will be goig to another school. Open space for someone congratulations everyone
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    Sorry if this thread is old.. I didn't know they were accepting transferring student for the BSN.. I was told they were not accepting any transferring stupid, but that was like a year ago. Maybe they are accepting now. Oh well, too late. I applied for the Nutritional science (BS). I will go for Nursing after. I am waiting for the letter! I hope I got accepted.
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    Btw, I never heard of "TEAS" Is that a requirement only for the BSN in UMass? I applied for the Nutritional science (bs) but I never did any TEAS. However, they never mentioned that, so I hope that doesn't matter. If I get accepted, it will be excited! I heard Nutritional science is harder than Nursing because I will be taking almost all science courses. This will help me later when I decide to go Nursing
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    Hey all, I got accepted for the Nutritional science, I know it is not Nursing, but I check your e-mail and see if you got accepted!! They e-mailed me that I got accepted before I got the letter. I hope many of you get accepted!

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