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hey everyone :) I see no threads on those who applied to Umass boston traditional bsn program for spring 2013 so i wanted to start this one. Has anyone applied to the program? Im sure i cant be the only one lol. I got a letter... Read More

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    Monday, December 17th 1:30-3:30...Just got my acceptance letter, late I was nervous. Congrats everyone!
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    Just saw that email too! See you guys Monday! Wonder how many of us there are?
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    My orientation is on 12/14/12 from 8am to 4pm!
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    Are you a second Bachelors, incoming freshman or transfer? I think a few of us are Transfers/Second Degrees.
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    Hi Melissa! I'm a transfer student
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    Wow, you guys are awesome!!!
    I'm doing the prerequisites for nursing at Bunker Hill Community college. I intend to apply as a transfer student.
    Can anyone tell me how to got accepted and what I need to prepare?
    If you don't mind, can you share your GPA here? - so I can set a goal for myself. I really appreciate that. Thank you!
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    Hey Uyen! I applied with a 3.6 GPA. My first degree was in psychology at UMass Boston. Factors that I feel helped me with my admission are: High GPA, passionate and well written letter of intent, life/educational experience. I also went through the Red Cross and got my CNA certification too. I believe this strengthened my application as well. Do your best to have a HIGH science GPA. Good luck to you!
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    I applied for Fall 2013 traditional BSN at UMASS has anyone heard back yet?
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    Quote from snackpack
    I applied for Fall 2013 traditional BSN at UMASS has anyone heard back yet?
    me too! I called and they said they already mailed out my decision letter have you heard back?
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    I got the letter that says Im in the pool and the final decision will be sent out by March 15th.. Does anyone get acceptance letter yet?
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