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    Hi cwrn1,
    I am planning to start the UMass accelerated program this summer. It is really helpful to know what the schedule has been for you so far! They told us at the info session that it is necessary to have a car because the clinicals can be anywhere in the area and not necessarily accessible by public transit. I am a little concerned about this because I don't have a car and don't particularly want to buy one. Can you tell me where your clinicals have been and if you know of students getting by without cars?

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    You can get by without a car, we have good size group who rely on public transportation or commuting. They try to accommodate those who don't have cars, and a lot of the placement are in the Boston hospitals. However there have been placements that you'd need a car (ie Brockton, Salem and Everett) so keep that in mind. I think it really depends on the amount of people in your group that will need to be placed near public transportation. I have a car so my clinicals have been mixed (BIDMC, VA in JP, North Shore Medical Center, St Elizabeths, Good Samaritan Brockton).

    The program is extremely disorganized and they make a lot of last minute requests, so my best suggestion is to prepare to be flexible.
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    Thanks for responding, this is really helpful!
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    Hi cwrn1 ,
    I was trying to send you a pm but haven't had enough posts to do so. Would you be able to either talk on the phone or through email. I have a bunch of questions I would love to ask you now that you've been in the program for a while. If not that's totally okay, just would love some more details and to hear some of your thoughts about how things really are.

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