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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    I just tried to respond to your pm but I'm not sure if it worked..

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    There's still hope for those on the wait list...I was shocked to receive an e-mail today offering me a spot! I was #9 on the wait list. I e-mailed the Admissions Coordinator a couple of weeks ago and she told me my chances were slim of being accepted. Great news but my head is spinning!
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    Congratulations! There will be at least one more person coming off the wait list because I was accepted to Curry today. Curry is my #1 choice, so I'll be declining my spot at UMB.
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    Congrats! That's awesome!
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    Did they give you a start date???? I remember during my interview the woman had no idea. What have those who have been accepted been told????
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    Congrats Mapie.. Curry is supposed to be a good school! and congrats bostonrobin for moving off the waitlist!
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    Hi All,

    There's still hope for at least one more person on the waiting list. I was moved from the waiting list and accepted but I just called Umass today to let them know I am declining and going elsewhere. It was a tough decision!

    Be prepared for a mandatory all day orientation on Tuesday the 22nd. Good luck to whoever fills my spot!
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    oh and Kylie, classes start May 29th.
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    I am looking into either the traditional BSN or accel BSN. Anyone want to share how either the schedules are like in either program? I have heard people are able to work during the program but that is different from person to person. I have a toddler and can't go without working. Would be great to get a sense of how the schedule is like or if anyone has a similar situation.
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    Hi crissy07,
    I'm in the accelerated program. You CAN work. They'll discourage you but you can definitely do it. There are 2 students who have kids and are probably working 16-20 hrs a week. I'm working as a PCA about 2 days a week, and have plenty of time to do homework and keep my grades up. Here is what our schedule has been so far:

    Summer: Tues/Wed/Thurs - classes all day
    Fall: Mon and Wed - Class 8-10:50, plus 2 days of clinical for med/surg, mental health
    Winter: M-F class/clinical 7-5 for 3 weeks
    Spring: Class Tuesdays 11-830, 2 days of clinical for community/ pediatrics (some people only have pediatrics for 1/2 of the semester, others have it the entire time)
    Summer: not sure yet!

    We also had about 2 weeks off in between summer and fall, and about 2 between fall and winter. There are no breaks between winter-spring and spring-summer other than the March spring break.

    Hope this helps & good luck!

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