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Specialty shoe stores in Massachusetts?

  1. 0 Hello, everyone!

    What are the brick-and-mortar stores in the Greater Boston area that sells specialty shoes (specifically, nursing shoes, clogs, etc.) that you know of?

    I'd like to go in and try on various styles and brands in person: it's hard to find a pair of shoes that fit me well, and I don't want to order (and inevitably, ship back) dozens of them online.

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    Try Work n' Gear. I just came from there and they have a wide variety of shoes, clogs and sneakers.
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    Thanks, PennyS! I also was searching, in the mean time, and wanted to share a couple of other locations I want to try soon:

    Alegria Shoes Dealer:

    9-11 UNION ST S. WEYMOUTH MA 2190(781) 331-1735

    Dansko Shoes Dealers:

    500 Boston Providence Tpke
    Norwood , MA 02062
    (781) 762-1449

    750 Belmont St
    Brockton , MA 02301
    (508) 586-1509

    1280 Belmont St
    Brockton , MA 02301
    (508) 584-1170

    729 Belmont St
    Brockton , MA 02301
    (508) 584-1735

    731 Providence Hwy
    Dedham , MA 02026
    (781) 326-6202

    NurseMates Dealers:

    St. Pierre's Shoes
    77 Main St
    Taunton, MA 02780

    The Uniform Place
    347 West Grove St
    Middleboro, MA 02346

    Edson Fashions Inc
    86 Pleasant St
    Malden, MA 02148-4905
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    I second Work 'N Gear. There's one in the Dedham Plaza and one in the Watertown Mall. There might be more, but those are the two I know of.
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    The clog shoppe in south weymouth (right next to south shore hospital) is great. Plus you get a discount (I forget exactly how much maybe 10%?) off full price shoes with a hospital/healthcare ID badge
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    I live in Weymouth and the Clog Shop has a HUGE selection! Scruby's in Brockton doesn't have nearly the selection....that where my nursing school required us to purchase our graduation dresses from and I was expecting a bigger variety.
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    Thanks, stef77! I'll have to pick a weekend to travel to Weymouth to check them out.