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    Quote from lauzzyb
    Thanks for the input! I've heard some mixed reviews myself, which is making this decision more difficult than I anticipated.

    I was told by a faculty member at BC that their program includes 1200 clinical hours, and that they find all clinical placements (both in the RN and MSN portions of the program) for you (although clinical placements is not a huge concern of mine because I know lots of nurses and nurse practitioners in the Boston area). I've had some difficulty determing the number of clinical hours in the Simmons curriculum, and they do not provide an exact number, but I think it is around 1600-1700 hours. Due to the length of the Simmons program I would be hesitant to complete the program part-time, but as BC's program is shorter I wouldn't mind completing it part-time and gaining extra clinical hours by working as an RN.
    Few things to consider if time of completion is important to you:

    1.) How much RN work is required prior to graduate completion for each program?

    2.) What is the average time of completion?

    3.) The job market for RNs is tough right now, how successful are students in finding jobs?

    4.) Do they offer key classes more than once per semester?

    5.) What are the board pass rates?

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    Time of completion is only important in that I would prefer not to be in school for 4-5 years.

    I have answers to some of these questions, and I'm not sure I can find answers to all of them but I will try - so thank you!

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