Should I let my MA RN license expire?

  1. 1 Hi guys!

    I was just wandering. My first state to be licensed in was Massachusetts! Wuhoo! For right now though, I have my RN job right here in Texas and maybe someday(like more than 5 years later) I would like to live in MA! Would it be hard to renew/apply for a MA license that has been expired already? Would it be wise to let it expire to dodge the $120 renewal fee every year?

    Thank you very much MA RNs!!
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    Hi David, I was a Texas RN, originally licensed in Massachusetts. I applied for reciprocity in Texas. I thought I needed to keep my MA license current, while under reciprocity. But this was 10-20 years ago!
    I miss nursing in Texas! Am back in Mass, working at a community hospital As a staff RN. Boy, there was a lot more opportunity for me in Texas to advance. I was in the Dallas metroplex area. I advanced to supervisory in Texas. I also enjoyed being able to work agency/per diem at other hospitals in the DFW area. I am in a hospital right now, that is union, and I don't like the adversarial nature between management and staff.
    I returned to MA to be closer to family, and am now married to someone who is bound to this state for employment. Otherwise, I would be looking to leave here, tomorrow!
    I am currently pursuing an NP here, though, taking advantage of the educational system here in MA, and seeking a more enjoyable and rewarding position.
    I would think twice before coming back to Mass. That's just one girl's opinion!
    i would be interested to know your experience in Texas now, as a nurse.... Where are you, and what's it like?


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