Salary range for LTC?

  1. I just interviewed (as a new grad) for a RN job in a skilled nursing facility/LTC in the Boston area. The job seems really great except for the salary. First of all, I currently have very few commuting expenses because I take the T into work in Boston. I also make decent money in my current job. If I take this job in the SNF, I'll be taking a pay cut down to $23/hr. I could make it work, but a pay cut still makes me cringe.

    So, what are other new grads doing? Is anyone finding jobs in a hospital making decent money? Would you take what you can get or hold out for the dream job with good pay?
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  3. by   fullefect1
    I am making the same about 20 minutes outside of boston..
  4. by   drmorton2b
    Take what you can get for a job right now. It is not the time to be choosy.
  5. by   kiki617
    sboston06- Just curious, what is your current job?
  6. by   sbostonRN
    I am a lab tech in a clinical lab in a hospital.

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