Salary of Nurses and NPs in Salem, MA

  1. I've decided that instead of living in Boston i want to live in Salem, MA and live my life there. I'm currently in Milwaukee, WI at Alverno College and graduating in 2015. After that I want to move to Salem and work as a Nurse there. But my main goal is to be an Nurse Practitioner. That is if I don't have to get my doctorate (thats another can of worms). How much does a new grad Nurse generally start out with in Salem? What are you currently making after x amount of years working in Salem?
    And umm I wanna say Happy Halloween (because its Salem of course) super duper early because its coming up and i just love Halloween XD.
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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    There's only one hospital in Salem. New grad starts out at $27/hour and it's unionized. Parking is free. It's a terrible hospital though.
  4. by   Kelticphleb
    Actually theres a few hospitals in Salem. Theres the NSMC campus which has Salem Hospital, Shaughnessy Kaplan Hospital, the North Shore Childrens Hospital. Just a few miles away just over the border is Norht Lahey Clinic and Beverly Hospital. Salem is a fine place to live, especially if you like history. Its a city with a major university as well. Your salary if you were to be hired into any of the NSMC campus is a Partners Healthcare salary so it would be competitive with Mass General Hospital if you are looking for a reference. Theres MNA union in Salem Hospital, SKRH has a city union as they were once owned by the city. Im not sure about the others however. The hospitals are what they are. They are regulated by the same folks that run MGH so it is what it is. The rates are competitive and I am pretty sure they will be roughly the same no matter where you go in the north shore. I would love to work there again, its just brutal to commute to Salem, my suggestion is live in the city.

    Your salary starting as a new grad will be around $27. However at this time there is an oversaturation of new grads in Massachusetts and jobs are scarce.
  5. by   NeoPediRN
    North Shore Children's Hospital is part of Salem Hospital. They moved it to the next building over but it's still the same entity. The two together are NSMC. Shaugnessy Kaplan is not an acute care hospital, its LTAC/rehab.
  6. by   watersamy
    Just thought I would add my two cents in. Shaugnessy Kaplan is now Spaulding Rehab, they were bought out not too long ago.