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Regis College RN-BS-MSN Program - page 3

I'm considering the Regis College RN-BS-MS program after I get my ASN next semester. Is there anyone who is enrolled in the Regis RN-BS-MSN program that can give me some information on this program?... Read More

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    Ah I see you were looking for the REAL schedule for the upcoming semester. They usually post it on Regis Access a few days before you are scheduled to register, so that you can plan out your schedule and respond ASAP. I was also in the "day section" and don't remember having trouble staying that way!

    I just graduated in May from Regis, passed the PNP boards in June, and I worked as a camp nurse for the summer. Now I'm looking for a PNP job. I've had interviews, but there haven't been a lot of openings in peds just yet. I haven't been looking for too long though.

    Good luck with school! It's a bumpy road, but it's so worth it! And Regis prepares you well for the boards!