Quincy College Advanced Placement RN Program (Jan. 2013)

  1. 0 Any LPNs out there applying for Quincy's AP program starting January 2013? I'm applying this week. Took my placement test reading comp was 118, sentence skills 109.. math eeeh... 81.. retaking today to raise it. I may retake sentence skills as well, we'll see!
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    I am not applying, I just wanted to say that they look at reading comprehension first. They only look at sentence skills if 2 applicants have the same reading comprehension score. if the sentence skills score is tied as well then they look at math. 118 for reading comp. is a great score, I think that you will be fine!!!!!! Good luck with your application.
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    Resurrecting thread... Has anyone else around these boards applied for the Advanced Placement RN program (LPN to RN)? Have you received an acceptance letter yet?

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