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I have been an RN for over fifteen years and have been looking for a job since the beginning of the year. I have always been able to find work except this time around. I have excellent references and plenty of hospital... Read More

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    Quote from a32mag4mag
    I agree with the "too expensive" theory. Steward has several new grad positions posted on their site. I think they are all for Good Sam in Brockton. MGH was hiring new grads for their periop program. It is sad because of safety issues for patients.
    They are hiring for many of their Critical Care programs too. It seems to be the new trend these days with many hospitals. Oh voy!

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    It also depends on the degree you have ADN vs. BSN... generally city hospitals will only hire those at a Bachelor's level...
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    That is true too even I notice LTC now. Just another excuse to wean out many applicants. But, it was funny I had an interview that said they had too many and then they were looking again a month later. Noble Peace prize maybe?
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    Don't come to GA. No decent jobs here either. Hospitals are closing down, buying one another. Unpaid care is just killing them.

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