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Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience with the NEU direct entry online MS program. Do you feel that you were adequately prepared for the NCLEX exam with this program? Also, what is... Read More

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    Quote from sj10125
    Congrats, I knew you would get in. Let me knwo when your acceptance letter comes in. How many classes do you need to still take to get in officially, and how are you affording this??

    Thank you!

    My advisor said probably two weeks till I get the letter, are you in the fall cohort? I am taking the last of my pre reqs now, A&P 2 and nutrition...idk how I'm affording this prob a ton of loans...I just figure if I ever wanna pay off anything and make money I have to invest in this program to do it!

    I'm excited and nervous! I'm hoping to start study groups and stuff maybe days where people in the fall cohort can get together and work on stuff together since its all online it would be nice and since there will only be 25 people it would be awesome to get to know everyone really well! And helpful!

    Who else is in the fall cohort? We should strt a group or something!

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    I'm attending this fall and would be very interested in getting to know everyone!
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    what's everyone doing for tuition? what loans are you guys taking out?
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    Quote from rn2b 2012
    what's everyone doing for tuition? what loans are you guys taking out?
    No clue yet =\ I'm waiting in the acceptance packet then I figured I would figure all that out lol gonna be difficult that's for sure
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    I'm almost at the end of my "lifetime" limit for stafford loans, so I talked to my parents and they're going to sign for the Parent PLUS loans, I'll just be the one paying them after. It definitely is a better option for me than taking out private loans, but there are some good ones out there! Also trying to apply to as many scholarships as possible on fastweb =)
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    Hey guys,
    I'm actually currently in this program. Honestly, at the moment it's a bit disorganized as it's a new program. Things change from day to day. You'll go in for an exam at a time and they'll have you take it later or they'll have 40-50 people in one room taking exams right across from one another on the computers. Also, your clinical placement doesn't seem to be related at all to where you live. You could live in Providence and be placed in Concord or live in Boston and be placed in Brockton so be prepared to wake up early and drive on clinical days! Some of the professors are super helpful and others you can hardly get a response from. If you have training or experience in the medical field the program is significantly easier because you probably have a lot more background than the other people in your cohort. For example, EMT or vet techs have more knowledge going in than someone who majored in say.. English. The first semester is pretty tough because you have to get used to the online format and you're taking a *lot* of classes and have clinical but once you get through that it gets better! There are also some really good benefits like that you actually get a BSN degree after you complete the first portion and a lot of places don't do that. This being said, I know quite a few people planning to transfer after that degree because of the disorganization. As far as location of where to live, I would recommend living in a suburb. All your tests will be taken in Burlington and the only time you are required to be on the Northeastern campus is for lab. It's less expensive to live in a suburb, however, if you are not from here and want to live with mostly other people around your age and can afford it then I would recommend living in Boston.
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