Northeastern Univ or Simmons College BSN Entry Level

  1. Hi I am currently a pre nursing student and am thinking about applying to Northeastern University or SImmons College both in Boston for Fall 2013. If not I was going to apply to a program in Texas for the Spring 2014. The thing that is concerning me is the difficulty and wether I would be able to get in. My current GPA is a 3.3 I have 40 credits, am taking some credits now (Fall 2012), and two classes during the winter semester so my GPA should increase. I was wondering if it would be best to apply now or wait? What are my chances? Does anyone know anything about the percentage of applicants accepted? Any information will help alot! THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    I can't speak to NEU, but I do know that Simmons is very selective and takes well less than 10% of their applicant pool for their FNP program, and I think the aBSN program is ably the same. I have heard they panel review every qualified applicant though, so if you can bring some interesting life experience to the table, you may be able to get away with a cumulative 3.3, especially if your pre-req GPA is 3.7+.
  4. by   mjo07
    You can check out their websites or even call admissions. They will be able to give you more info regarding percentage of accepted students and average stats of those accepted previously. Have you applied to either already? I believe you still have time for Northeastern