Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2013

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    I didn't see a forum yet for fall '13. Has anyone heard anything yet? Good luck to everyone!

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    I applied too, nothing yet...idk when we are supposed to hear!
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    I found out about an hour ago that I have an interview! Psych/Mental health specialty. I bet interview notifications will be this week and next
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    How did they contact you?
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    I'm guessing email?
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    I applied and have not heard anything either, but applied to online program only
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    I got a phone call last night to schedule an interview. The dates they had available were over the next two weeks.

    I thanked them for considering me, but let them know that I had been accepted into another program.
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    They called me to let me know. Good luck everybody!
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    Did you get an interview? Congrats!
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    Received a phone call today to schedule an interview - Adult Primary Care. So the calls are still coming! Good luck everyone!

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