Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2013

  1. 0 I didn't see a forum yet for fall '13. Has anyone heard anything yet? Good luck to everyone!
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    I applied too, nothing yet...idk when we are supposed to hear!
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    I found out about an hour ago that I have an interview! Psych/Mental health specialty. I bet interview notifications will be this week and next
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    How did they contact you?
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    I'm guessing email?
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    I applied and have not heard anything either, but applied to online program only
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    I got a phone call last night to schedule an interview. The dates they had available were over the next two weeks.

    I thanked them for considering me, but let them know that I had been accepted into another program.
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    They called me to let me know. Good luck everybody!
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    Did you get an interview? Congrats!
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    Received a phone call today to schedule an interview - Adult Primary Care. So the calls are still coming! Good luck everyone!
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    I just got a call that I was accepted into the hybrid program, Neonatal track. I never had an interview but had met with an admissions advisor so I'm not sure if that counted? Haha. Anyone accepted into the hybrid program?? Good luck everyone!
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    hey hellosun, I heard you got in congratulations. I have not heard anything yet sadly. I was wondering did your application status change on the online application website that it was under review. Mine still just says submitted. and what did they tell you about the other slots they where filling anything.
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    @Hellosun - are you definitely attending the NEU hybrid program this fall?

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