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Hi all! Thank you all for your help in advance. I really appreciate it! So, I am trying to figure out the best situation for me, and was wondering if any of you were in similar situations or have advice for me. I am... Read More

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    I just got into BCC's RN program. I am super pumped.

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    Is anybody in the new Regis part-time evening/weekend BSN for non-nurses program? Are you able to work and to what degree? Thanks.,
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    I am currently finishing up my first year at the community college for RN but was wondering if it is worth it to get a BSN? Are hospitals really looking for that? I know its saturated with nurses right now and will be hard getting a job either way. My school is doing a collaboration with one of the colleges and are offering me an accelerated RN-BSN program at CSULA that I go to concurrently while finishing up my RN. But if I ultimately plan to get my MSN should I even bother getting my BSN now? I have a BA in another subject that is irrevelant (Liberal Studies) to nursing. I looked up programs where I can do an RN-MSN if I have a bachelors in something else. Your opinion is appreciated. Thanks!
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    So what did you decide? I'm on similar boat. I have a BA in something else and eventually want my MSN. But I'm offered a chance to get into an accelerated RN-BSN program that I am suppose to do concurrently. I dont want to keep loaning and doing baby steps. I just want the most direct. What do you think?

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