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I currently live in MD and am looking to move to MA in a few months. How are the jobs there for new grads? How do the hospitals and nursing homes pay? I am trying to find a job in a local nursing home to give me some experience.... Read More

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    I just passed my NCLEX in MA....over a year after I graduated, because I simply didn't have the money to pay for my license and the test....since I graduated I have applied for every single job under the sun in MA, CNA, PCA, RN, phlebotomist...I have found nothing. 99% f my classmates have left the state because they can't find jobs here. It SUCKS here. I am now looking elsewhere, and trying to figure out how to move with my son. ugh. I hate Massachusetts...I fear you will be very sorry if you move here.
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    Yeah....MA is tough.....and expensive! I have a friend, a seasoned nurse, who has been unable to find part time/full time work since 2009. Plenty of casusal. plenty perdiem. No benefits.
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    If you are interested in psych nursing, there are a ton of jobs!! (take this from a MA psych nurse)

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