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Hi Everyone, I just moved to mass and I recently just got a job at a LTC facility/Rehab 10 mins away I live. First of all the interview was a joke because they never even really interviewed me but just asked me what shift I... Read More

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    Three days is unfortunately normal in many LTCs. Well, usually the bad ones. They need to have an RN in the building to be legit, so what they want is a license attached to a warm body.

    Since you are an RN I would advise you to be careful because RNs are usually given the role of charge nurse, whether they are prepared for it or not. You will be expected to manage a staff of LPNs and CNAs, many of whom will have much more experience than you and, in my experience in many LTC settings, will also be resentful of you. Not to mention the massive amount of patient care you will be expected to do on top of managing a nursing staff that probably, if the facility is as bad as it sounds, will not be the slightest bit interested in making your life easier.

    Not trying to scare you, just trying to warn you. And maybe scare you a little. A facility that offers three days of orientation to a new nurse is NOT A GOOD PLACE to work.

    I say either go with the psych facility or shop around for a better LTC. Don't let your first taste of nursing be a bad experience.

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    Do the psych, it has a good reputation. I know the place you are talking about.
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    Did you pass your NCLEX before applying to these hospitals?

    3 days seems a little sketchy to me!
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    I am supposed to be starting in the sub acute unit at ltc/rehab facility next week. They are offering me 1 week orientation and I am starting w 20 patients. BTW I am a new grad and a bit nervous.....
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    I worked at a sub-acute with 15 years of nursing experience, but, no sub-acute experience and they gave me 4 weeks. I still needed more. The point is that one week may be good for someone with direct experience, but, for anyone else you need at least 1-2 months. The problem is that there is so much employee turn-around in these facilities, they need to push you off orientation as to not lose money.
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    Three days' orientation for a new grad tells you all you need to know about this facility. The fact that they aren't willing to give you a realistic new grad orientation tells you that they are primarily interested in "renting" your license and do not have your best interests at heart.

    That doesn't mean it's a bad place (although it certainly does suggest that possibility). It only means it's a bad place for someone with a brand new license that she would like to hang on to.

    Take the psych job, or keep looking.
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    I am curious how is 11-7 (I'm not saying it would be easy to do) at an LTC Facility. Long-Term Unit, no sub acute, no rehab. Plus if there is only 1 nurse on for the whole floor what do you do if someone codes? Yes there are 99 y/o patients who are a Full Code.

    I am trying like hell to remember how many nurses they had on over night at these places when I was in nursing school.

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