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Hi, Please who is applying to MGH IHP for summer 2018? They keep extending the deadline from Nov 1st to Dec 1st and now Dec 15th. Does any one know if the the date we hear from them will also change?... Read More

  1. by   ringofbees
    I just got my acceptance email too! I applied back in mid December, but my application wasn't verified until exactly a week ago due to some transcript issues.

    Do they send out more information after the initial acceptance email?

    And does anyone have any thoughts on how this program compares to other Boston-area ABSN programs?
  2. by   FutureNurseHaley
    I believe there is an open house February 24th. I hope they send out more information though!
  3. by   bumblebee4
    The only thing I have heard is that the administration side is very, very disorganized.

    The link is a report on MA nursing education programs and lists NCLEX pass rates, which may be indicative of the quality of education at each school. Could be helpful

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  4. by   Littleack616
    Does anyone have an idea what the class schedule will be like? I'm planning on attending the open house, but have to register my son for school next week and trying to figure out after school care.. thanks for any insight!
  5. by   Littleack616

    Hi Jessica - could you possibly tell me what the schedule is like for the week? Are classes all during the day or evenings as well? I'm trying to get an idea now as I'm going to have to figure out childcare needs once school starts. Thanks for your help!
  6. by   tsq92

    Based on a thread from a previous cohort (from 2 years ago), it seemed like all admitted students are split into 2 cohorts of 50 students each. The summer would be on a Monday-Friday schedule. The first 4 weeks I think are 9a-noon Med-Surg class Monday through Wednesday. After four weeks the class meets only on Monday, and then you'll be in clinical on Tuesday or Wednesday and skills lab on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on which cohort you are in. Behavioral Psych is a hybrid course that's mostly online, but when you do meet in person class is in the afternoon on Monday after the MedSurg class. There is a Health Assessment class Friday, either morning or afternoon depending on the group you are placed in. Finally, pathophysiology is 100% online.
    MGH absn spring 2017

    I should say, based on an even earlier cohort, it sounds like the first four weeks required more on campus time Monday through Friday. MGH Accelerated BSN - Spring 2013 They probably make adjustments to the program from year to year based on feedback from the students. It's possible that our schedule will differ from last year's cohort. Regardless, I would try contacting admissions and if they don't want to tell you about what this summer's schedule will be like, try asking what last year's was and try to make your childcare decisions based on that. Best of luck.