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Hi all, There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I... Read More

  1. by   purplescrubs13
    Congratulations to everyone accepted and good luck to all those who were waitlisted!

    did they mention your scholarship in your acceptance letter? I received a call from a number that came up as 'Unknown' for the first time ever on the day I got my acceptance but I didn't get a voicemail or anything. I also didn't think we found out about financial aid until November so I'm confused. thanks!
  2. by   daisy808
    ChristaG- I've found that rent in Somerville is pretty affordable, and Charlestown is right next to it. I lived there until last summer and I think I paid $420/month with 3 roommates who were my age and in college. I found the place on craigslist.

    purplescrubs13- They did mention the scholarship in my acceptance letter, and included another letter of explanation from financial aid. Maybe you can contact the financial aid office?
  3. by   tiala
    Ahhh!! I just got my acceptance letter at work sooo happy. My little sister called me once it came and read it to me!
    Wishing everyone the best!
  4. by   daisy808
    tiala, I'm so happy for you! It still feels pretty amazing after a couple days too, haha.
  5. by   tiala
    Thanks aimy! I started crying at work and can't even concentrate on anything else lol.
  6. by   Princehakim
    Yessss I am in. Thank God. Congrats again to all who got it and for those on the wait list I pray and hope that you all get in at some point cos we have all worked hard and deserve this opportunity.
  7. by   Britnirj2
    Congrats to EVERYONE accepted and good luck to to everyone waitlisted.
  8. by   lisaemt
    Congrats ChristaG! I live in Somerville and love it. Very easy commute to school and all the major hospitals in Boston. Cambridge is a good choice too but rents are generally a little higher than Somerville -- and Somerville is more fun!
  9. by   lisaemt
    Congrats tiala!!!
  10. by   lisaemt
    Congrats Princehakim!!
  11. by   daisy808
    Congrats Princehakim!I'm excited to meet everyone. Maybe we can start a study group?
  12. by   lisaemt
    A study group would be great! I'm sure lots of people would be interested!
  13. by   Britnirj2
    Yes, a study group is a great idea. I started a facebook group that is a closed group but you can request to join if anyone wants to. It is called MGHIHP Spring 2013.