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Hi all, There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I... Read More

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    Hi Tiala, did you check your voicemail? I think they called me because I was offered a scholarship. I did get my letter today though. It was postmarked for the 12th and I live close to the school. If you live farther away it may take another day... I hope you hear soon! Good luck!
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    I have been following this thread for several weeks. My daughter applied and got her acceptance letter yesterday. She is so excited, she sent her deposit out this morning. Good luck to those who haven't heard and to those on waitlist.
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    Princehakim, I hope we both hear back soon.
    aimy, I haven't but I will. Thank you! Congrats to you and everyone else who were accepted. To everyone who was waitlisted good luck and don't give up.
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    I ended up getting wait listed for the second time
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    Hi tiala and zpriest,

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday. zpriest, I'm so sorry you got wait listed again but DO NOT give up! Apply again and apply to different schools -- You can do it!

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    Hi Becca1214,

    That's very strange. I think you should call today and see what's going on.

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    zpriest, don't give up! I was waitlisted at my undergrad, so I sent them another essay and recommendation letter. It did the trick. I've also heard about people making appointments with admissions so they can find out what they need to get in. Congratulations lisaemt!
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    Hope you and Princehakim get good news today!
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    Congrats to all the accepted students! I am hoping us waitlisted get offers soon!
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    Thanks aimy! zpriest, i totally agree with aimy's advice.
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    Wahoo I got in! Does anyone know how many people are in the cohort?

    Also, I'm coming all the way over from Seattle. Looking for somewhere to live? I've never even visited Boston before so I'm feeling pretty lost.
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    Congrats ChristaG! When I went to the info session they told me they cohort size was 84. We will be divided in half for most classes. I already live here but I recommend getting a place in Cambridge or Somerville to be near campus! Let me know if you have any questions =]
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    Thanks Aimy! Rent in Boston is so expensive so I'm mostly looking for a place to share, or a studio that won't force me to eat ramen every day for 14 months haha.