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Hi all, There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I... Read More

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    I also applied for the Spring 2013 start. I previously applied for the summer 2012 program and got waitlisted so I re-applied for again this time. I do know that the website says 8-10 weeks for decisions to be made and last time it took the full 10 weeks to hear back from MGH. Good luck to all!

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    Did they send out emails the week prior to mailing out the letters? I had heard that but not sure if they still do that. At least the 10 week mark is close!
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    I did get an email saying decisions had been mailed in the previous application earlier this year. I believe they basically sent out decisions and then emailed the whole group the next day or so saying FYI decisions have officially been mailed out. I did email them a couple time before that point asking the status of decisions and when they would finally be mailed out because it was getting later in the timeframe of the 8-10 weeks.
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    heober03, if you don't mind, what was your GPA and other credentials the last time you applied and got waitlisted?
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    Hi Jilly! It's Amy from the Red Cross. Are you doing CNA work at Dana Farber now?

    I'm really nervous about hearing back. I already got rejected from UMB, probably because my undergrad GPA was low. Hopefully my recent grades will push me through.
    Organic & Biochemistry A
    Microbiology A
    A&P I A
    A&P II A
    Statistics A
    Human Growth & Development A
    Nutrition A
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    Hey Amy! Those grades look awesome. I got rejected from curry - they only accept 32 students =/ I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for MGH!
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    And yes, I work on the neuro/hematologic malignancy floor at DFCI
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    That's awesome! I hope we get in together =]I keep checking my mailbox even though I know it's a little early. The wait is making me bananas.
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    Anyone hear back yet??
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    I called and they said mid September so I am guessing more like next week.Hope we all get in.

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