MCPHS Worcester Fall 2013

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    Hello everyone! This posts are for those who are planning to attend or applied to MCPHS in Worcester Accelerated Nursing program in Fall 2013!
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    I was just accepted into the Post-Accel Nursing Program at Worcester too! I'm trying to find out more information about the program in order to make my decision.

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    I posted this on another thread as well, but I am accepted and attending MCPHS Worcester in the fall of 2013! I am beyond excited and I cannot wait to meet/ talk to everyone else that plans on attending! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Worcester/ Manchester Nursing Scholarship, like if we have to apply for it or when we would be notified if we qualify for it.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of you!
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    If you have any questions about the program or for those who attended previously, please read the attached link
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    Hello everyone. I was also accepted to the nursing program for the fall 2013 start. Im excited and scared at the same thing. Is anyone else coming out of the Boston area.
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    I was also accepted to the fall 2013 nursing program at worcester I'm so excited but nervous!! Does everyone already know where they're living? I'm from Chicago so I'm freaking out a bit. Hope to get to know everybody soon!

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    As I am from the area, I didn't apply to live on campus because I didn't like the area it was in and I figured it would be more affordable to rent and buy my own groceries, or just commute from my parent's house. I actually just found a loft apartment near Chandler Street and Park Ave in Worcester and I am moving in May! Has anybody else figured out where they plan on living?
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    So, I found out I got in to this program last Wednesday. I pretty sure I am going here, but I have not sent in the deposit. However, I would like to know what your deciding factor was in choosing to live near by the campus. I am in a similar situation. I own and live in a house in Randolph, Ma about 1 hour away from campus without traffic (according to google maps). I am not concern about paying a mortgage and rent since that will be taken care of via leasing. Nonetheless, I am curious about what made you decide against commuting? Snow storms, stress, traffic, Lost study time commuting, or all the above?

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    Sorry about the multiple post. Obviously new to this site.
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    I got rid of the duplicates for you.

    We are glad you joined us.