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Hi! Just thought i would start a new thread for those who are interested in the MCPHS Fall 2011 Manchester Nursing program. I sent in my application- just waiting to hear back! Has anyone else heard yet? Do you know if the... Read More

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    Hi All... i am from NY and just found out that i have also been accepted into Manchester's fall nursing program. I'm SUPER nervous since this is the first time id be leaving everything and everyone i know in NY lol...

    Any one familiar with the area??? Not sure where to even begin, in the process of looking for apartments but dont know much about the area.

    My lil cousin who attends MCPH boston campus for pharmacy will be doing her rotations north of boston closer towards manchester and we were trying to find a middle town location where it can be good for both of us... any suggestions??

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    Hi Jessleigh

    I got accepted into Manchester's BSN prgm Fall 2012,
    How was your first semester there in terms of class schedule, clinicals, and exams?

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    I got a interview invite for spring 2013 cohort. Anyone went through the interview process? How is it?
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    I just got in for fall 2014 at The manchester Campus for the Dual Post BSN Program is anyone in this program that can give me some insight on how it is?

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