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Hi! Just thought i would start a new thread for those who are interested in the MCPHS Fall 2011 Manchester Nursing program. I sent in my application- just waiting to hear back! Has anyone else heard yet? Do you know if the... Read More

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    Hi jessleigh!

    That is great! I can't wait to start the program!!! See you soon and enjoy the summer!
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    I got into the program as well, and am looking for a roommate and apartment. I am not familiar with the area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
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    Congrats TAC11! I wasn't really familiar with the Manchester area either- but I heard that the North and the West sides of Manchester were a bit more safe/nice. I decided to live about 10 minutes outside of the downtown area of Manchester so it's a bit more "woodsy" but still close enough that I won't have to wake up crazy early to get to class! Good luck with everything, see you in the Fall!
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    I just got in to Fall '11 program too! Congrats to everyone!
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    Hello , Congrats to all of you that already got into the program. I applied for the fall 2011 accelerated program at the Worcester campus, just received my decision letter and got an interview , did anyone have to go to an interview before getting accepted? if so any feedback ?
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    Hi! No I didn't have an interview- I just got a decision letter in the mail. Good luck on your interview!
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    Hi, I need a help. I got accepted to the nursing programm at worcester campus for fall 2011. I am looking for some good appartment so any suggestions much aprechiated as I am moving to MA from NJ. Please help me find some good place to live.
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    Hi everyone! I also just recently received my acceptance to the program for this Fall 2011. Does anyone have any living area/roommate advice? I am deciding if I should commute from Boston or just move to Manchester. Has anyone heard anything about the program from current students? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    CindyK02 I was also accepted into the program and I am running out of time to decide if I will be going, I am living in Boston and I am a little worried about the commute, but I can't move, so I am having trouble deciding.

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