MCPHS Fall 2013

  1. This might be a bit premature, but I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who had already applied to MCPHS Worcester for the Fall of 2013. I have applied, and I am nervously awaiting my recommendations to be sent in, so a decision can be made.
    This might pertain to people in previous MCP classes as well, but I was wondering how long after all of my application materials are received, will it take for a decision to be made. I guess I'm just a little nervous and I am a little impatient, but I'm praying I get in.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of you!
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  3. by   kd30
    Hey there,

    I am also awaiting word from MCPHS for the Fall 2013 RN program. Have you heard anything? I know my application was delayed because they never associated my maiden name from my high school transcripts with the maiden name I provided on my MCPHS application and it was all submitted 13 Nov 12. Hopefully you've received word but if not yet, then very soon!

  4. by   Bcdawber
    I havent heard anything official yet. When I applied in October, I received a letter saying they were going to wait until my fall grades came in because I still had 3 pre-requisites to be completed. I called the admissions office today and they just received my transcript today. Now I nervously await an answer! I hope they let you know very soon! Please keep me updated and good luck!
  5. by   Bcdawber
    I went away to England and my mom emailed me saying that I received something from MCPHS, and I have been wondering if I got in all week. I got home and opened the envelope to find that I had been accepted! I'm super excited and I can't wait to hear who else is going!
  6. by   steph729
    I received my acceptance letter on Jan 23!!
  7. by   JoyNPikachu98
    If you don't mind me asking, how was the application process for the both of you??? (Who did you ask to write your recommendation letters?) Is it possible to still apply if only one pre-req hasn't been taken yet? Or is it just better to apply after the pre-req has been completed? I'm only missing the second half of Chem and I can't decide if I should try to take it as an 8 week course for the remainder of the current semester, as a summer course, or to take the CLEP exam for it (I'm just really starting to think that I might want to take my chances with an ABSN program...affording it is the scariest part for me)

    BTW, you guys should read this post about the Worcester program. It should help to answer some of your questions:
  8. by   Bcdawber
    The application process was relatively easy for me. I used the MCPHS application, not the nursingCAS one. When I applied in the fall I was missing three prerequisites (A&P II, Stats, and Microbio). I received a letter within two weeks of applying saying that they were going to make a decision after my fall grades come in because I was taking Stats and Micro. After I sent in my fall grades, I found out within two weeks. I am currently in the process of completing A&P II, so I wouldn't worry too much about applying with one outstanding pre-req. I don't know where you're from, but I took Chem II at Worcester State last summer and it wasn't bad at all; I highly recommend it! I had my employer (I used to nanny for her infant) and my A&P teacher write my recommendations.
    Thank you for the link, I found it really informative

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  9. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Thank you for all of this information Bcdawber!! I really appreciate it. I actually live in the Boston area so I've been taking all of my courses at MassBay CC. I took Chem 2 a few years ago and hated it, but I'm hoping that I can get the same professor who taught Chem 1 there (he was great!)... The only other question I have left is: does is make a difference to get recommendations from two professors or a professor and an employer? My employer options are pretty slim (since my former employers aren't very reliable and would probably forget that I'd even asked them to write it...)
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  10. by   steph729
    My advice is to apply even though you aren't finished with your pre-reqs. I still have one more pre-req to complete and I was accepted on the condition that I finished it before the Fall starts. Also, both my recommendations were from professors so I don't think it makes a huge difference. Good Luck!
  11. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Steph thank you!! You and Bcdawber have really helped to answer my questions; I honestly can't thank you two enough. Another question that popped into my head was regarding prior undergrad GPA. I know that the minimum qualifying GPA is 2.70 but do you think it really plays a factor in their admissions decisions?
  12. by   Bcdawber
    I had an overall GPA of about 3.10 when I applied, which I wouldn't say is awesome. I had actually failed a class in my sophomore year, which prompted me to have an even higher pre-req GPA of about 3.90. I would say that GPA does play a factor in admissions decisions, but if you have a strong personal statement and strong recommendations it will definitely be in your favor.
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  13. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Alright and again, thank you so much for all of this wonderful information
  14. by   starfish89
    Hi everybody!! I just got accepted into the MCPHS Fall 2013 accelerated nursing program today! Just thought I'd drop by and meet some of you all who have also been accepted. I am from Chicago and this will be my first taste of the East Coast and am so excited. I'm a little worried about housing, though. Has anyone started looking/researching? Ahh I'm so excited and slightly freaking out