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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

  1. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    That makes sense
  2. by   hlj123
    Massasoit's should be coming soon...I got a letter from RCC yesterday!
  3. by   ryanalice
    Quincy College's program is known to be excellent as well. My mom and sister in law went through their program and both felt very well-prepared and have great jobs now. I am applying for Quincy's part time program. The deadline is July 15 and the program begins in Jan 2013- I really hope I get in! Sounds like Massasoit's program is great and the child care would be perfect for you Phina - good luck. Back when my two boys were little I went to Salem State College and they had an excellent campus preschool. It was a huge help. Now ten years later I'm getting ready to make a career change and go back to school - hopefully it will go as smoothly this time around and with teenagers to keep tabs on lol!
  4. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Got a large brown envelope from Massasoit yesterday.....requesting that I fill out the enclosed course evaluation form for the online class I'm taking....!!!!! I was a bit excited there for a minute!
  5. by   perseverance_G5
    The same thing happened to me! Now I've heard from two sources that admissions just this week started reviewing applications and it will be two more weeks!! I also heard that letters went out last Thursday, but I think it's safe to say that the latter is not true because we all would have received something by now, right????
  6. by   Inga1028
    Hey everyone! I just got my letter for Massasoit today! This is for the lpn to rn part time program. I've been selected to interview, sooooo I'm in! Woooohooo!
  7. by   phina70
    Ladies, I cannot believe it! I was logged in to my massasoit account to complete my online Hist course discussions and just by chance I checked my unofficial transcript and it said "Nursing Day program" I Got in!!!!! I cannot believe it! All my hard work truly paid off. I was turned down last year and went and "hit" the books some more, took more classes.
    I'm in! I cannot wait till I recieve my letter, my boys will be going to the massasoit "Childrens center" atleast 3 days a week. So don't give up girls. keep trying till you get in. Still in shock, I think Massasoit is the most competative MA ADN Nursing programs to get into in the Boston area. I hope the schedule is good. Anyone know the schedule? Are clinicals 2 days a week, and class component 2 days a week? Just to let you know, as soon as I get my letter I will call Quincy College and let them know I will be attending Massasoit, so a spot can "free up" over there for those applying. One journey over and another has just begun. I'll be staying tuned to this thread and hope to hear more good news here. Supporting each other is the best we can do :kiss
    bringing out the bubbly this weekend ! still cannot believe it.
  8. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Phina- I read your post and logged on- mine has also changed to "nursing day program"!!! I suppose we are in?! It's been a long road for me too... Core curriculum classes 2008, Med Assist program 2009, rn pre reqs since then. I will post later today about schedules- YAY!!CONGRATS!!!😃
  9. by   phina70
    Quote from CMA_TO_LPN
    Phina- I read your post and logged on- mine has also changed to "nursing day program"!!! I suppose we are in?! It's been a long road for me too... Core curriculum classes 2008, Med Assist program 2009, rn pre reqs since then. I will post later today about schedules- YAY!!CONGRATS!!!dde03
    That's Great CMA! Just to let you know they get a thousand applicants for their nursing program not 400. Each year the number of applicants increases. I hope I can hack the program. Why does lab have to be on a different day than classes? Oh well that's a full 5 days the boys will need child care. Yes please let us know about the schedule, I wonder if we can req to be placed for clinicals in a location. It's great news! CMA- you applied only to Massasoit. Someone up there is definetly looking out for you. 😊. I guess we will be meeting soon. Best wishes to all other "hopefuls"!
  10. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    The only info about scheduling is from the info session (see post #7 of this thread). Wow, 1,000 applicants-no wonder it takes a while to go through them all! As far as clinical placements go, I'm not sure if you can request; in the med assist program, they did their best to place us as close to our home as possible. Whatever the next 2 years brings, we will make it work!
  11. by   CMA_TO_LPN
  12. by   phina70
    Yay!! Hope I get mine today too. CMA just keep reading it over and over so that you KNow it's not a dream. I know it's not going to be easy, but like you said CMA we will manage. I am Keeping track of all those who get accepted to know who my classmates will be, and I say to all those who don't get in this time, "not to get discouraged". BTW Quincy College's deadline is May 15 still, in case anyone's interested, going to "free up" my space there once I get Massasoit's letter. God I hope I can do this!!!
  13. by   phina70
    CMA, I looked on the Massasoit's class schedule on the website, looks like nrsg 1 class component is 2 days a week 10-11:50-definetly doable for me. I know clinicals at hospital are 2 days a week. I hope labs on Friday are not every Friday, it would be even nicer if labs were on same day as class. I will talk to the dept, about possiblity assigning me clinicals in area around the school so I can drop of my boys at the "Children's center". ohh so much to get reading for. yes it is exciting and also scary. It's great CMA you already work in the field, I hope to catch on quick.