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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

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    CMA-No I don't think it does. When I applied last year it took this long too. Hopefully, 2nd times the Charm..

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    Mid-May?! That's CRAZY! I was accepted at BCC and was forced to put a $200 non-refundable deposit down for my seat, there is a mandatory orientation May 3rd where they want $40 uniform deposit, $50 drug test fee... at this rate I guess I'll be staying at BCC, I'm investing too much money to not go! It doesn't seem right MCC is taking so long to put the initial class together. I guess it will create openings for others on the wait-list if some first choice students accept seats at other schools. Good luck to those still waiting, I guess my fate is sealed at BCC.
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    May I ask, what is BCC? Bunker Hill CC? If so, when did you hear?!?!?
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    BCC is Bristol Community College (Fall River) I live between Brockton & Fall River so the commute is the same for me in either direction. I received my letter on 3/10. BCC had the same Feb 1 deadline, that's why I think May is too long to find out.
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    The vague "May" date(a) is waaaaay too long to find out. Applications have been there for 3 whole months now. I hope they consider changing the length of time it takes to get letters out. If deposits to reserve your spot have to be given to most other schools, how can one sit around and wait for an answer from Massasoit?
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    I think that is why massasoit waits til mid may to send out letters. They don't want people to put in a deposit, accept their space, then withdraw. If they are the last school to send out letters, they will get their definite yes or no response from students from the get go, instead of people changing their mind whentheyhear from a different school, ya know?
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    That makes sense
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    Massasoit's should be coming soon...I got a letter from RCC yesterday!
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    Quincy College's program is known to be excellent as well. My mom and sister in law went through their program and both felt very well-prepared and have great jobs now. I am applying for Quincy's part time program. The deadline is July 15 and the program begins in Jan 2013- I really hope I get in! Sounds like Massasoit's program is great and the child care would be perfect for you Phina - good luck. Back when my two boys were little I went to Salem State College and they had an excellent campus preschool. It was a huge help. Now ten years later I'm getting ready to make a career change and go back to school - hopefully it will go as smoothly this time around and with teenagers to keep tabs on lol!
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    Got a large brown envelope from Massasoit yesterday.....requesting that I fill out the enclosed course evaluation form for the online class I'm taking....!!!!! I was a bit excited there for a minute!

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