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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

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    I called Massasoit today, they dont think they will be sending out letters until May

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    Quote from Melissa854
    I called Massasoit today, they dont think they will be sending out letters until May
    I wonder why the process takes so long...
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    Wow. May! I paid my deposit to hold my seat at Quincy College yesterday . And but I'm not "betting the farm Ill be accepted into Massasoit" its very competative. Thanks for the comment CMA , seems you have a good plan yourself. I don't know what happens when they recieve an application from a student they turned down the year before. I hope and pray I make it through a Nursing program and become a nurse. I'm crossing my fingers for all of us here. Right now it's Quincy College for me, but I can always dream about massasoit can't I?
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    CMA-lpn Yeah sure I don't know if I'll be going places, it sounds like I am doesn't it? But I can tell you where I've been-Just to let you know my GPA from 20 years ago, before I got "side tracked" marrying my awful ex husband was very low (2s) and held me back from even trying to pursue it. Now, 15 yrs later, finally divorced and now remarried with toddlerboy twins in tow, I finally have my head together and have been working hard for almost 2 yrs and 21 credits-maintaining a high GPA so I can stand out. Who knows how they look at grades from 20 years ago?
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    Quote from Melissa854
    I called Massasoit today, they dont think they will be sending out letters until May
    Oh wow, I was hoping to hear in the next couple of weeks
    This is maddening!!! Thanks for the info.

    Does everyone here have all the sciences done (including micro and human growth & development) ?
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    hlj yes I completed all my reqs just this past Fall semestre. Micro was the last one I had to do, and it was tougher than I was expecting. I'm all done with my pre reqs this time around including Human and growth dev. when I applied last year, I still had a&p2 and Micro to take.
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    Wow, that is great phina70! I am only now taking a&p II and I still have micro and HG&D to take...If I don't get in, I won't feel so bad and can take my time with those courses. I think they REALLY want people who are ALL done so they only have to concentrate on the nursing classes. Good luck to you! If anyone gets a letter (good or bad) please let us know!!!
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    The Mail arrives. ....there's a med size brown envelope from Massasoit my hands shake as I open it and... (drum roll)'s for the June Graduation, 3 tickets for my guests and info on the ceremony . Oh God, how will I last till early May? I'm sure I didn't get in, the competition is fierce! sorry for being such a joker, couldnt resist.
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    OMG it is crazy!! I talked to them today and they said beginning to Mid-May. I never heard mid-May before.
    It seems like they're stretching the time longer and longer. I'd like a yes or no so I can move on or not and plan my summer & fall... it will be either school or work! EEEEEK!
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    I wonder if this extension to mid- may correlates to Quincy's extension? Hmmm...

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