MA state-approved LPN program online?

  1. Hi, I have been working in group homes for almost 2 years now and would like to become an LPN. Quincy college in MA seems to be the closest to me with an LPN program but I don't think I can make the full or part-time hours work for me since I have a baby. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a state-approved online LPN program (I do know the clinical part can't be done online), I just need a bit more flexibility in a program. If anyone knows of any or has any suggestions as to what I could do that would be great! Thanks!
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    contact your state's BON. They have a list of approved schools in your state. If the school is out of state, they have rules about that too.
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    I called the Board of nursing and they don't accept any online program it turns out. They said South Easton was the only other south shore program besides Quincy and the schedule seems like its a lot better so I'm going to try getting into that!