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  1. 0 Would like feedback from local nurses about places of employment in the North Shore Area. I have an RN (,20+ years exp. and enjoy rehab, subacute , and hospice patients. Relocating in near future to area and would also like advice about health insurance from employers when positions are P/T, PerDiem, as I 'm still trying to learn about MA rules regarding this. I'm open to Center Boston if on reliable transit route. Thanks.
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    Salem Hospital/Union Hospital rarely have job openings and when they do they are only usually posted only as a union formality because they have internal applicants waiting. Lahey North in Peabody is wonderful. STAY AWAY FROM BEVERLY HOSPITAL.
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    For subacute Spaulding North (Shaughnessy Kaplan) is great, Northeast Rehab is great. Stay away from Kindred in Peabody.
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    Hospice of the NorthShore is very good....try them