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Lawrence Memorial, Questions

  1. 0 Hi! So I'm finishing my nursing assistant class this week and just kept realizing how much I just want to do more. I've read pretty good things about Lawrence Memorial Hospital 2 year program, read everything on the website and looked at the application. I want to apply ASAP but don't know if I'll be accepted based on my past grades for a liberal arts/psychology associate's I'm almost finaaaally done with. Basically, how hard is it to get in there with having an array of courses and a few bad marks in some of them? I would try to explain in the essay how i've had a change of mind with careers for now explaning a few bad marks. I also haven't taken the science pre reqs at my school now because I just want to finish up my required classes to finish there and get OUT!

    Does anyone have advice? Should I take any science prereqs in order to apply there? If I didn't take them at my school now, are the courses at Regis? I want to try and have a fresh start in a new enviornment and see if that helps, and I'd try going to an info session but right now working 45 hours a week and night classes 3 nights a week that seems almost impossible.