Im so freak out about the entrance exam at Greater Lowell Tech !!!

  1. Hi y'all I'm taking the test this upcoming saturday (the 1st entrance test) at Greater Lowell and I will like some advices/opinions/essays topics of those who took it already....I'm just scared about the essay because I have no idea of the topic, if there's any choice of topic and English is my second language (I know everyone keep telling me I'm doing great doesn't change that much), Please if you know anyone who's going there or went there inquire for me , please!!
    Will really appreciate, thanks!

    P.S: How long does it take to be notify about your test results ?
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  3. by   EduardoLugo
    I went to Greater Lowell technical high school. I live in Lowell and I haven't visited that school yet, but would love to some day!
    I graduated in 2005, so I am not sure if things got changed.. I hope someone can help you out! Is your major nursing? This school is really good and it will help a lot.
  4. by   vitiana
    Well I'm taking the test tomorrow and nobody seems helpful around here, wish myself the best luck ever and Yes,my major is nursing, in fact I want to be an LPN then bridge to RN or BSN straight....
  5. by   EduardoLugo
    what kind of test? You indicated for the 1st entrance. I never took a test for the entrance back then. Seems like they made a few changes.-\=
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  6. by   vitiana
    TEAS V especially the essay, are you a nursing student? Where?
  7. by   EduardoLugo
    Not yet. I'm taking the requirement courses needed to transfer. I'm trying to transfer. I am taking A&P 2 right now at Middlesex community college. I'm trying to go straight to RN, so I applied for the BSN of science in nursing degree. Taking LPN first is a good idea, especially at your age. How old are you? sorry for asking!
  8. by   vitiana
    22 but I need to struggle and hustle hard because I came here 2 years ago with a bachelor from my origin country and an accelerated bsn doesn't work for me coz I need to work hard for my mother and I and so on....blablabla
  9. by   EduardoLugo
    Aw! I'm actually proud of you doing this for your mother. I'm sure you'll succeed. I'm having a hard time getting into a nursing program, well, I really haven't applied at all. I only applied to one university, but not sure if I will be accepted. I might! We'll see. I would love to hear the results tomorrrow of your test. Do you have an e-mail or anything for us to message each other?
  10. by   vitiana
    Do the "terms of service" allow us to exchange contacts?
  11. by   vitiana
    Quote from vitiana
    Do the "terms of service" allow us to exchange contacts?
    I took the state today and we were about 25 candidates but the lady next to me left 20mins after the reading part, I thought she was done and needed a break but she never returned back
  12. by   EduardoLugo
    If we can't exchange contacts, that's fine I will PM you. ha ha.
    So how you did?
  13. by   vitiana
    It was pretty cool like a placement test on paper, now I need to wait 2 good weeks for the results but I'm looking forward to request some references letters so I can book my interview asap if I do well on the teas v test
  14. by   Maddiex13
    I am about to go take the same test next Saturday. How was it? What was the essay question about? I have not bought anything to study and I am starting to freak out. I am in college right now and have taken some math classes recently so I hope that helps but I am so afraid I won't do well. Did you pass? How long do you have to wait for the results? Who knows we could be classmates next year! Hope to see ya! And hope you did well!