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I'm interested in taking a per diem home care position to get the feel of it because I don't think I've quite found my niche yet... I like what I hear from people on this website, but I wanted to ask my fellow MA nurses... ( FYI... Read More

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    Well, I've been with them for a month now and can tell you a few things. First, they don't do skilled visits anymore. They are strictly a private duty agency. I like that, though. Rather than driving everywhere, I go to one home and stay there for the entire shift. The shifts range anywhere from 3-12 hours. I have a great case on the Cape and am learning a tremendous amount amount tracheostomies and G-tube feedings. I have also branched out into pediatrics which is also something I have feared in the past.
    As far as a schedule goes, they don't offer a Monday through Friday routine. They give you a list of available openings and you decide when you'd like to work. I go from working 20 hours one week to 40 the next. That works well for me right now. I'm trying to concentrate on weekend hours so I don't have to pay for child care this summer.
    Hope this helps. Let me know how you make out.
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    Maura, did you get a job with Maxum (Centrus)? I heard a new nurse started at a case I am working in Harwich with a Psych history, but, won't be returning. I was just wondering if that was you.
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    Not me. I did talk to Centrus, but I like skilled nursing visits best. I did pick up a 2nd job doing straight up med visits. they don't have enough pts for full time but it confirms that I need to get out of psych and into med home care. Thanks for the replies, hope the new job goes well.
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    Hi, Just a quick question. How did you go about your search when you found the job for med visits? I am searching and googling and what-not, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for in terms of skilled visits and psych home visits. Thanks!
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    A friend referred me to the medical skilled visit company. Unfortunately, Steward Home Health has taken over the world of home care in eastern Massachusetts. South Shore VNA is affiliated with South Shore Hospital and that is a good option. Cape Cod VNA covers patients up to Plymouth as well as the Cape.

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