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  1. I have a 2.84 something gpa, i know not so good but i got an A- in Biology which is one of the prerequisite and i am going to take the rest next fall and plan on doing really good in them hopefully getting A's. regardless i took remedial math classes and the first time i didn't drop it in time so i got a F on my transcript and another take i have a w on it for the same class because this all happened when my brother was sick he had muscular dystrophy and he was getting really weak and we thought he might die and not too much long after he did so i was having a really hard time in school and everything else but i took it again for a third time and got a B and then i took the next one up and got a C in the other remedial class which isn't so good and then i got a C- in my communications class which is also bad and on my midterm for my last remedial class i got a 64. so what do i do? should i try and finish up this class and try and pass it or do i withdraw from it and then retake it next semester. also with i got a C+ in intro to psych because the class was actually really hard. So what do i do should i retake all of those classes or would it look really good and if i bring up my gpa then will i still have a chance to get into fitchburg state or salem state or maybe even worcester state or umass boston or umass dartmouth. Also i got a B in all of my English classes; College writing, English I, English II, an A in my Critical thinking class, and a B in my computers and technology class.
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    Hi kristinafaith,

    I would say that you should keep taking classes and try to bring your GPA up as high as you can (and as much as you can afford). Also you can explain your circumstances surrounding your transcript in your application essay and/or in a personal statement that you can submit to the schools of your choice. I kno that if you have a GPA of 2.75 and up, its possible to get into UMass Boston's program, but they are more apt to admit students with GPAs above 3.4 (in my opinion). Also the Director of Undergrad admissions explained to me and other hopefuls at the info session that the admittance GPA has been between 3.5 and 3.6... If you're looking for more info, go to their program website (it answers a lot of questions).

    As for Salem State, they seem to admit many students but they are more selective (from what I noticed on their website). What other schools do you have in mind?
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    Keep in mind that most nursing schools will not accept anything lower than a C in any science class. retake what you can. I would apply at all the schools that you wish to and take it from there. If you're not looking for a BSN, then apply to community colleges that offer Nursing.