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HI! i was wondering if someone could help me. I've applied for the nursing program at rcc for Jan 2011 and i'm doubtful if I have a chance of getting in. I have a gpa of 3.01 but my gpa for the... Read More

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    Hi fullefect,
    I had a question about your job-hunting process. I have a BS and am trying to decide if I need to get a BSN. Did you find that it was more difficult to get a job as a ADN vs. a BSN nurse? Thanks for all the advice you've given us and congrats on your new job!

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    Quote from madameflychica
    Hi fullefect,
    I had a question about your job-hunting process. I have a BS and am trying to decide if I need to get a BSN. Did you find that it was more difficult to get a job as a ADN vs. a BSN nurse? Thanks for all the advice you've given us and congrats on your new job!
    I didn't really apply to hospitals/ didn't expect to get calls back... so I dont' think it made to much of difference for the subacute I am in now. My previous experience was in ImmunoAssay Manufacturing/QC and Biomechanic orthopedic research.... so it wasn't nursing, but my current employer did say that they valued my previous experience, and knowledge at a somewhat different level than than someone who just graduated from school who didn't have a professional background.

    So if you have signficant professional experience which you can show that you can lead, streamline and make effecient, cost cut, critical think, and multitask.... I would say that you may have an advantage over someone who recieved a BSN who doesn't have experience in this capacity. However, if you are aiming for a big time hospital right out of schoool, they will not take ADN grads right away, but they will take you after a year or so in Acute Care..

    If I could have went into the Umass B post bac program I would have done this given the cost compared to the rest of Boston schools that are not worth the cost (unless your employer pays)... but I would have had to wait many months for the program.. and I would have had to quit work. So I guess it is situational... don't be scared to go ADN.. just realize that you may have to go through back doors... and slide into your dream job... which may take longer...
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    hi i am just posting to give an update of my status with the program. I am the original poster. I am now into my final semesterwe just finished finals. So far so good. Theresa is honestly the best teacher in the evening program. I don't know about the day program. I hear from a lot of people that were in the day program then switched actually prefer the evening program because of the slower pace. The first semester is pretty basic it's the second one that really killed people. At least ten people didnt pass. The second semester is when you really have to buckle down. My clinical for that semester too was brutal A LoT of paper work. I had a tough teacher but I am very thankful because he taught my group a lot and challenged us.If you pass the second semester you should have no problem with passing the third. I was really luckly to have a great clinical instructor ( he name is Mr. *) and taught two semesters of clinical work in one. He even helped me get a cna job at the same hospital I did my clinicals , which I really recommend doing because it can increase your chances of getting a job at a hospital ,if they like you, you get used to being around patients and you can learn a lot. There are some disadvantages like sometimes they are not very organized and the lab part is not great but it also depends on your teachers too. Also they say not to work more than 15 hrs or whatever. My response to this is that it depends. Practically everyone worked in my class some part-time some full time. I didn't really work for the first year. I started working at BMC in my third semester 32 hrs plus I am a single mother so my schedule is very crazy but I haven't gotten anything less than a B in my courses. I really depends on you but if you are having trouble with school because of work than I would recommend cutting your hours. I hoped this helped.I am just curious into were I should be applying for jobs after I get licensed. If anyone can give their two cents Id appreciate it. Take care thanks!
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    I know this post is old, but I was wondering if any of you could share your background? I'm wondering if you took all of your pre-req's before applying? which program did you get into? what was your gpa? did you have any previous experience? And anything else that you think would help me....thank you so much and good luck to you all
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    Hi Nicolep614,

    I took all my prereqs before applying and glad I did. I think it best to get everything else out the way so that you can devote 100% of your brainpower to the nursing program. My gpa was 3.5 but I think it was completing the prereqs and the score on the English and reading section of the TEAS (85 and 90) math and science were both just under 70%. When you start the nursing program, be prepared to give up most of your life (seriously!) for the next two years but on the upside, you'll meet a lot of great people in the program who will become family .

    Best of luck!
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    Did anyone get into the program without finishing there pre reqs?
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    Hi roundbrown26, I got into the program and didn't have A&P 2 completed
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    Thank you much for replying, If you don't mind me asking what were your TEAS scores?
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    85% overall
    83 reading
    That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

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