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Hi, Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait... Read More

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    And so it begins......

    The syllabus has been posted on the portal!!!!
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    So, I just received an acceptance letter for the January AP program. The letter was sent out on Nov. 2nd and I picked it up yesterday from my po box. I'm freaking out about getting a physical and immunizations before orientation on the 14th. I hope their not as strict about it as the letter seems. I have one week to get most of this stuff done.. yikes!
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    as long as you start the series of shots by clinical you should be fine...

    also for future students wondering about the full time program schedule!... as of this year , your first semester, you have lecture 2 times a week for 2 hours, it's either 8-10am or 10-12, then you have lab 2 times a week starting at 8 am, and it goes in 2 hour segments up till 2pm I think... then halfway through you start clinical that is basically an eight hour shift!
    GL :-)
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    Hey rj2011, thanks for the response. Does that include the physical too? I doubt I'll have it completed by next Wednesday's orientation.

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