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Hi, Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait... Read More

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    Quote from KrLpn30
    I'm excited to can't wait, what do the information look like? I'm hoping a color I already own, but if not uniformadvantage is a great place with very reasonable prices.
    The uniforms for the RN program are hunter green scrubs and a white scrub jacket. The scrub jacket and scrub top both are supposed to be embroidered with the school logo. The information along with the McGill's price list was sent out with the letter detailing what we need for orientation. The McGill's rep will be at orientation on Wednesday.

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    I can't believe orientation is tomorrow! I don't foresee myself getting much sleep tonight :spin:
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    yay tomorrow! I set up a fb page if you search for Quincy College RN Class 2014
    I am a member and I had to add a friend to set up so I did my husband.. but he isn't a member really ;-)
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    Oh great! I'll look for it now!
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    I can't seem to find it
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    I can't find it either....
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    Yay I found it! Just sent my request to join
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    Anyone know if there is a FB page for LPNs starting in Sept?
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    I found it! I just requested to join too
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    Quote from butterflie7
    Anyone know if there is a FB page for LPNs starting in Sept?
    Sorry, I have no idea. You could try searching FB to see if there is a page

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