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Hi, Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait until June to hear back, when... Read More

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    Quote from slindsay
    Does anyone know of any places that we can take the CPR class that QC will approve of?
    I did the BLS for Healthcare Providers back in May through Health Ed of New England. The woman who owns the company was the one who ran the class and she was great. It was $45 and the Certification is good for 2 years. CPR, AED and First Aid Training - Greater Boston, Southeast Massachusetts, Cape Cod - Health Ed of New England is the link to the website. Only downside is that she does not have a class in this area until July, but our letters did not say that we need the certification before Orientation.
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    Thank you for the help.
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    So here it is, 3am and I find myself wide awake and completely wired! I was laying here in bed for about 10 minutes trying to figure out why, and the only answer I can come up with is that I am just way too excited/ anxious/ nervous/ impatient etc. for Orientation.
    I guess I didn't really notice how anxious I was because I have been super busy getting ready. I have been figuring out my financial aid. Moving money around so that I can order my uniforms on Wednesday. Scouring the internet trying to decide what shoes to buy. I scheduled my physical (and checked with the school twice to ensure that I will not lose my spot since the first available time for a physical at my Dr.'s was not until the day after orientation.)
    I already have a stethoscope, bandage scissors, kelly clamp and penlight. I have even bought some school supplies. I took the BLS for Healthcare Providers back in May. I have copied the front and back of both my license and my BLS cards. I have everything ready and waiting on my desk.

    So how is everyone else doing? Am I the only one that is really anxious?!? Lol, am I the only one that has already purchased school supplies?
    See you all on Wednesday!!!
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    Quote from cally527

    So how is everyone else doing? Am I the only one that is really anxious?!? Lol, am I the only one that has already purchased school supplies?
    See you all on Wednesday!!!
    No you are not! I can barely focus on anything else. No matter what I'm talking/thinking about, I find a way to bring it back to school. I haven't purchased the supplies yet, but I must have been to Work n Gear and Staples 10 times in the last two weeks so I could figure out what I want to buy!! I think my friends and family must be so sick of this already and school hasn't even started yet
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    I am on allheart online getting supplies right now! I am trying to stop talking about it so my husband doesn't get sick of me. I am anxious to hear from financial aid about the payment plan they offer as well. There is a 50% down with 2 25% payments.... would be helpful.

    I have found it cheaper to get most supplies online, so they only thing I am getting from mcgills is the shirt and coat.

    CPR ofcourse my work has it and not when I will be able to go! Northeast CPR does a class in the Boston area every Sunday for $65, its 2 hours. Not the best price, but best schedule wise. My bls expired in April :-(

    do we get a book list at orientation? I hope so, I want to start shopping around for the best price!

    also that day I have to drive my husband to a procedure, and on the + side I got a physical apt that same day, so I will be running around a bit...

    ready to go!
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    In the same boat here, I wish it were Wednesday already, I really want to find out what the schedule is for classes. I am so nervous!! But excited at the same time, I'm only buying the uniform from McGill - the prices they have for shoes are crazy- going to buy mine at work n gear (with a coupon) I'm not sure if they will give us a book list at orientation but you can get it online from bookstore, but it's not listed at bookstore yet. I really just want to get a jump on things and start reading!
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    Lol, well it is good to know I am not the only one! All I plan to get from McGill's is the scrubs and the jacket. I will get my shoes elsewhere. Also, I need to get a watch at some point this summer because I really do not want to use my regular watch ( I like it too much to risk ruining it at clinicals)
    It is my understanding that they usually give out the booklist at orientation.
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    yay booklist!!! A coworker is giving me her old quiincy uniforms!!! I just need the white coat. I bought white nurse mates at BLDG #19 for $26, the one on route 9 in natick/wellesley I think... they had a lot of styles, and some cherokee and other white nursing shoes. Some were $19.
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    I'm excited to can't wait, what do the information look like? I'm hoping a color I already own, but if not uniformadvantage is a great place with very reasonable prices.
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    Quote from rj2011
    Wow end of August! ok glad to hear about parking :-) I am coming from JP and every time I go to Quincy i get lost :-( I will have to get the route down. :-)

    any interest in a fb page for Quincy RN class 2014?
    Hey just wondering if you did a fb page? I think it's a great idea!

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