Finding RN Jobs in Boston/Cambridge and surrounds. Please help. Finding RN Jobs in Boston/Cambridge and surrounds. Please help. | allnurses

Finding RN Jobs in Boston/Cambridge and surrounds. Please help.

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone can help me - I am looking for RN work in Boston / Cambridge. I am willing to travel to work as long as there is public transport.

    Where is the best place to look for work? I have tried Monster, Indeed, Mass Gov website, and the hospitals websites. Is there anywhere else I can look?

    Also, have people had trouble finding work around Boston? I have recently moved here and have been looking for work for about 3 weeks. I have applied to about 40 jobs. Ideally I am looking for full time work, but to at least get my foot in the door I am applying for Per Diem, Part Time and Contract work.

    I have a BSN, BLS certification and MA licensure. I have 1.5 years experience in high acuity med/surg units.

    I would be most grateful for any feedback / tips you can provide me with.

    Thanks so much!
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    Where have you been applying?
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    Good luck. The job market around Boston barely exists. If you aren't willing to travel you will have problems. I commute 1 to 1.5 hours for pedi homecare. Look into Spaulding rehab, Franciscan (pedi LTC), and community hospitals around Boston that can be accessed via public transport (although may be expensive and time consuming) Lahey clinic, Melrose-Wakefield, Winchester, Carney, St. Elizabeth's, etc.
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    In the Cambridge Somerville area, I would also look at Mount Auburn (Cambridge), Lawrence Memorial (Medford) and McLean Hospital (Belmont). If you're willing to travel a little farther, you can try Newton-Wellesley (easily accessible by the D line but would take a LONG time to get there from Cambridge on the T and Faulkner Hospital (JP... also would require two trains and a bus)... both are Partners Hospitals so an in there may give you a better shot at jobs at MGH or the Brigham later on, if that's what you're looking for.
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    Thank you both so much for all your help. I just need a position that is accessible via public transport as I currently do not have a car.

    So far I have applied to:

    Mount Auburn Hospital
    The Brigham
    St Elizabeths Medical Center
    Boston Medical Center
    Cambridge Hospital
    New England Baptist Hospital
    Whittler Street Medical Center
    Dana Faber Cancer Institute
    Mass Ear and Eye Infirmary
    Kindred Hospital
    Harvard Vanguard
    A home care organization at Arlington

    I have been keeping an eye on jobs Faulkner Hospital, McLean Hospital, Spaulding Rehab and Lawrence Memorial Hospital, but they currently don't have anything that I can apply for,

    Thanks so much for the tip on Newton-Wellesley Hospital & Lahey Hospital - I didn't know about that one.

    Job hunting is such a discouraging process! . I know this is probably a difficult question to get an answer to - but does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back from a job application? The online status update on a bunch of the jobs I have applied to say "Under Review" or "Under Consideration". I'm just being impatient.

    Thanks again for your help, I really do appreciate it.

    Kind regards.
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    Have you looked into getting a local travel assignment at all? I get phone calls from agencies all the time who are looking for nurses in those positions. (I'm pretty sure the Board of Nursing sold my phone number because I started getting them almost immediately after I renewed my license last year.)

    I saw a 24 hr position at McLean Day/Evening rotation on their trauma unit. It is a psych hospital and getting there on public transportation would not be easy but there is a bus from Harvard Square and a commuter rail stop/shuttle.
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    I thought about a local travel assignment, but I wasn't sure if anyone would take me on with only 1.5 years experience. Maybe I should start looking into that.
    That's a bit dodgy if the Board of Nursing sold your contact details! I guess it's a nice compliment to have companies hunting you down for work though
    Thanks so much for the McLean job tip, I will check it out now. MGH just listed a new staff nurse job, so I am currently completing that application.