Experienced RNs: headhunter/recruiters???

  1. Hi. I am relatively new to Mass and am having difficulty finding the job I really want. My specialty is ER/Critical Care, but I took some years off to work in Case Mgmt. I think I would like to return to the Hospital and just finished an RN Refresher Course.
    Has anyone out there used a "Headhunter" or know of a good one?
    I live in Middlesex County.
    Thanks so much for any input!
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  3. by   cherilee
    emergency nurses are in major demand right now, at least thats what it looks like to me. i get postcards in the mail, I have seen open house emergency nurses left and right. open the paper, look on the internet;
    boston needs er nurses!

    There are lots of recruiters also. try posting your resume on Monster.com, or even yahoo. they call you from all over the country!
    there are lots of staffing/temp agencies in boston, just look online..

    good luck!
  4. by   ergito2
    Cherilee, I am a new graduate and looking for a job. I posted my resume on Monster.com, but I didn't get any phone call from anyone yet. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  5. by   cherilee
    congratulations on graduation!!

    My first suggestion is this.. Your instructors from school.. They usually have ties to your clinical facilities, the ones you practiced in in school.
    Did you have any clinicals that you loved?? Ask the instructor if they are looking for help.. Ask your fellow students where they are working.
    I remember last year, half of the students in my class got hired at the same place!!

    Another idea is to scope monster and boston.com for job fairs. alot of places hire new grads. But the easiest way is when you know someone. So all of your instructors and fellow students are your network resources.

    Also, search online and fill out app after app and follow up with each one.
    With a little persistence, you will land a job in no time. Be aggressive in your search. Dont be afraid to call and speak to the HR people. Call them again. Alot of the times the squeaky wheel gets oiled.Zoom in on the field you want to pursue. After one year of experience they will be banging your door down... I posted my resume on monster and have agencies call me everyday. Youll see. Again, welcome to the club, let me know when you get an interview... Get a bunch!!