Cheapest RN to BSN programs around Boston

  1. 0 I am relocating to the Boston (north suburbs) area and might have to start a BSN program for my job. I don't want to go into debt to do this. (I only make a nurses wage.) Please let me know what the cheaper RN to BSN programs in the area might be.

    thanks, thanks, thanks!
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    Are you an RN already? Or LPN? Or neither? If you are an RN I would go with UMass Boston RN to BSN it is online.

    If you are not an RN yet, then I would do this:
    You should do the Joint Admission Program, which is a 2 year Associates at a community college, if you get a 2.75 gpa or higher you get a 1/3 reduction in tuituion for UMass Bostons RN to BSN program. And once you have your RN you can work as an RN making RN money while completing the RN to BSN portion which is online. Try Northern Essesx CC or North Shore CC. I am not sure which others, but UMass Boston could tell you prob if you call them.
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    Wow! That is 10k! Amazing! It does seem better than the other programs I looked at.

    I am having sticker shock. My bachelors degree that took me five years (unrelated field) cost that amount in the area I am from.

    Thanks so much for your time and information.

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