Bristol Community Collge Nursing Program Fall 2012 - page 9

Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    Yes but just on the transcript so happy but will feel better seeing in the letter

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    Congrats Jaytre
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    Just got onto the wait list today :/

    For what it's worth for anyone waiting to get a letter and want an idea of where they might stand.
    I have...
    GPA 3.83
    AP 1 = B
    Chem = A-
    Pharm Calc = A
    Child Psych = A-
    Gen Psych = A

    Taking AP 2 right now and Micro in the summer....

    everything taken at CCCC by the way so I'm not a current BCC student.
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    Got my letter its official....going to go put my deposit on Monday....
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    Sorry to hear Jeff....just finish taking your classes and resubmit your application....and who knows maybe if someone turns down their admission, they might give you a call...
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    I got mine in the mail this afternoon too. Jeff, great GPA. There are more slots this year especially with the eHealth program. Keep up your GPA with your upcoming classes. Good luck!
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    i got my letter in the mail too! they take 24 into the online version! if anyone gets into the online let me know! I'd love to get to know a classmate so it feels more real! Gonna drop my deposit off asap!
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    Yeah! Congrats! It's definitely a sigh of relief to see in black & white!
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    does anyone here need to get their cpr card?
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    I already have mine. I know BCC does them.

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